Learning to coach

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  1. 4luvofAdonai says:

    I appreciate your openness about this area of life. We all go through the maturation and life process, becoming rich in ways we inherently want to impart upon our people.
    The best tools are God inspired. Listening to hear, rather than to react or respond is an immeasurable force. Better still is open discussion about our will, Gods will for mankind, and surrendering our need to control.
    Faith and trust are actively being developed in all of us. In my eyes, a person who openly shares these aspects of thier development with others is a keen mentor and leader. There’s the humility and integrity of real life first hand experience that fosters an inalienable platform for the travailing young and old alike.
    My advice, if I may offer it, to pay attention to what continues to come into your consciousness. If we wait upon the Lord, all will be revealed. There are coincidences. Tbe content of your thoughts arrive by divine placement. Sometimes we entertain that inspiration, then talk ourselves out of it, as if we began to doubt capacity or worthiness for such weighty engagement. I was always told, Spirit speaks first. If you ask for clarity, discernment, and the ability to slow down enough to hear his directions , your path will be made straight.
    There are mentors, big brother programs, celebrate recovery and God only knows what other avenue to traverse, in the way of returning the gratitude, time and care for your fellows.

    May Adonai lead you with strong hands.
    In Jesus name, Amen

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