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Just read an article in Faithworks newspaper (it’s not online yet though) by Bob Holman, in it he articulates his vision for Christian involvement in society, interestingly he comments on the issue of consumerism. Here is what he said,

“…Christianity has insights and objectives which would improve society. One example must suffice. Our country is gripped by the culture of material greed and consumerism. Consumerism creates a selfishness in which many want to be affluent, even if this means that others are in poverty.

Jesus spoke more about the evil of greed than any other sin. He said: ‘Don’t store up treasure here on earth…wherever your treasure is, there your hearts will also be’ (Matthew 6:24) ….It seems to me that his followers must consider how Jesus’ practices, values and objectives apply to us.

God did not put us on earth to have some rich and others poor. The case for abolishing poverty and reducing inequality lies at the heart of Christianity. God created all people equal and all, therefore, have a right to his abundance.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself Bob!

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