How did life on earth begin?

When it comes to questions about the earth’s origins many Christians remain quiet in the face of hostility towards the idea of a Creator being behind the whole thing. Yet it’s worth knowing that the other side should also display a certain amount of humility too. As of yet, no one actually knows how life began. The theories that are floating about are exactly the sort of theories that they say the Theory of Evolution is not.

A couple of weeks ago two stories popped up in my RSS feed within a day of each other.

  1. Scientists Have a New Explanation for How Life Could Have Evolved on Earth
  2. Ethiopia’s Dallol salt dome could reveal how life first formed on Earth

Whatever the research does end up showing, and it’s too early to tell, the point is that for all the confidence of evolutionists they cannot give a clear answer to how life on earth actually began. They also cannot offer any evidence or proof. Their statements then are hopefully scientific if not actually scientific. They hope that their science will lead them to that answer, and it may (I’m not discounting that possibility), it just hasn’t yet.

Photo by Achilli Family | Journeys

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