Courage Conference

The reason I was in London was to be at our Relational Mission leadership conference. the theme was courage.

It represented a step change for us as a family of churches. It was a move away from the provincial heartland in East Anglia to the heart of London. This I think indicates in a powerful way that we are committed to reaching the whole nation and the nations, London being one of the most diverse cities on the planet. Practically, it made getting there and being there, so much easier.

It also felt like the start of a new season not of consolidation or formation but of expansion and pressing into the promises and convictions we have to plant churches throughout the UK, in every nation of mainland Europe and particularly in post-communist Europe (more on that later).

The venue was great and there was a wonderful atmosphere of friendship, worship, prayer and a developing sense of calling to make disciples and plant churches in the nations.

If you’re interested you can listen or watch some of the talks. There was even some live art created too.

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