Breaking news: Still no alien life

To be fair I was thinking of The Onion when I wrote the headline, but the truth is every so often I get a fresh opportunity to remind people of some fundamental facts about the universe. As far as it pertains to life in the universe: we’re it.

Recently a fresh attempt at finding traces of alien life through radio signals once again came up empty handed. One of the team behind Breakthrough Listen said,

We scoured thousands of hours of observations of nearby stars, across billions of frequency channels. We found no evidence of artificial signals from beyond Earth, but this doesn’t mean there isn’t intelligent life out there: we may just not have looked in the right place yet, or peered deep enough to detect faint signals.

It is true that just because we haven’t found it doesn’t mean it isn’t there – which oddly enough sounds like a Christian apologetic. Still it gives me an opportunity to point you to a few things I wrote on this very subject.

Very special or very, very lucky and We are alone in the universe and Still All Alone and Why Earth’s History Appears So Miraculous.

But the universe is very big and very, very old

HT: Kottke

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