Bibliophilia (30.06.201)

Book Reviews

  • Marcus Honeysett comes late to the party but suitably attired with this insightful review of Rob Bell’s Love Wins, ‘The questions Bell raises therefore are not just about Hell. They are about whether the God of the Bible is good. His conclusions – and the way he arrives at them – are disturbingly poor, but I can’t help but resonate with the questions he wants us to grapple with.’
  • Jeremy has reviewed The End of Growth by Richard Heinberg, ‘The End of Growth is likely to be the most hated and ridiculed economics book of the year, but the chances are it’s the most important too.’
  • Gary McMurray reviews How the Irish Saved Civilisation by Thomas Cahill, ‘I think I could recommend the book for those interested in the heritage and history of what a bunch of Christians achieved on this island all those centuries ago, but with a firm warning that it can sometimes descend into nationalist propaganda…’
  • Gary has also read One to One Bible Reading by David Helm, ‘All in all, I loved this book, for its simplicity, its clarity, and the gentle push to get on and do it.’


  • The slight irony of this is if you want to find out more about The Pleasures of Reading, then here’s two lectures to watch and listen to.




One thought on “Bibliophilia (30.06.201)”

  1. Marcus Honeysett says:

    late but suitably attired?!

    The Thomas Cahill book is meant to be read as self-deprecating, self-fun-poking, joyous Irish silliness. I was given it by an Irish Canadian as justification for why everyone else would be better off if the Irish were in charge

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