Bell might not win

If you all thought the debate about hell has gone quiet then get ready for it get stirred up for another round as the book length responses to Rob Bell’s Love Wins are published.

Randy Alcorn gives his views first on Mark Galli’s God Wins and Francis Chan’s Erasing Hell saying,

“How does Erasing Hell compare to God Wins? I would describe Erasing Hell as passionate, biblically reasoned and pastoral. God Wins is historically rooted, theologically reasoned and journalistically precise. Someone who prefers thoughtfully presented theology and history might favor Galli’s book, while someone who enjoys careful exposition of key biblical passages and likes to connect with an author on an emotional level might prefer Chan’s.”

And Doug Paul reflects on how our thoughts on hell taken to their logical conclusion should be a massive motivator to provide food for the hungry and invest in mercy ministries.

For pictures about what life looks like for them, have a look at Postcards from Hell,  images from the world’s 60 most fragile nations and see how many are in Africa!

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