Baptism: Sources & Resources

This is a list of the books and blogs I have on the subject of baptism


A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words – Tim Challies
Epic Credobaptist Own Goal – Andrew Wilson
‘Between Two Worlds: Baptism in the Early Church: History, Theology, and Liturgy in the First Five Centuries’,
Between Two Worlds: Ferguson on Infant Baptism and the Mode of Baptism’,
Between Two Worlds: Schreiner Vs. VanDrunen on Baptism
Once More on the Baptism of Children – Justin Taylor’
‘Faith Central – Times Online – WBLG: 100,000 Britons Download “Debaptism” Certificates’,
The Christening of Sweden’s New Crown Princess | Swedish Language Blog’,
The Fear of Baptizing Children – Justin Taylor’
‘Themelios | Article: Does Baptism Replace Circumcision
Themelios | Article: Sacramental Supersessionism A Response To Martin Salter
Themelios | Article: Response To David Gibson 
Why I Am a Credobaptist – Justin Taylor’,
GRC Forum 2008
‘Church of England on baptism.pdf


Buchanan, Colin. Infant Baptism in the Church of England : a Guide to the Official Position of the Church in Its Formularies. Grove Books Limited, 1992.
Buchanan, Colin One Baptism Once. 3rd ed. Grove, 1989.
Conant, Thomas Jefferson. The meaning and use of baptizein. Kregel, 1977.
Crooks, Rodger. Salvation’s Sign and Seal : the Case for Infant Baptism Christian Focus, 1997.
Gaukroger, Stephen. Being Baptized : the Manual for Believer’s Baptism Scripture Union, 2003.
Nettles, Tom. Understanding Four Views on Baptism Zondervan, 2007.
Stander, Hennie, Baptism in the Early Church Rev. ed. Evangelical Press USA, 2004.
Stott, John. Your Confirmation. Hodder & Stoughton 1958.
Watkins, Clare. Living Baptism : Called Out of the Ordinary Darton Longman and Todd, 2006.
Whitaker, Edward. The Baptismal Liturgy. 1965.
Wright, David. What Has Infant Baptism Done to Baptism? : an Enquiry at the End of Christendom. Paternoster Press, 2005.

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