At last a responsible supermarket?

Sometimes life can be a bit confusing can’t it? I’m reading ‘Shopped’ by Joanna Blythman which is a pretty damning (let me revise that), utterly damning report on the damage the control of supermarkets is having on our nations health, economy and culture. M and S are included in the firing line. Then blow me down if I don’t go and read about M and S becoming carbon-neutral and probably the worlds biggest retailer of fair trade clothing. For a BBC assessment of the announcement read this. For the M and S press release click here

Having wondered out loud where next in my ethical lifestyle journey and evaluating some of the habits we buy into, because, well we just have. I began to think changing the way I shop might be it (and it might) but this news might just make me change where I shop.

2 thoughts on “At last a responsible supermarket?”

  1. Ross Thomas says:

    If M&S were still in Canada I’d buy as much from them as possible. At the end of the day corporations have no “duty” to act responsibly: they merely respond to our demands. The onus is on us.

  2. Ian says:

    Ross. You assume that corporations are neutral and have no obligation other than to their customers. Can this really be true?

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