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The Curiosity Index: Week 33

I’m going to try a new format for me which is to summarise the week’s posts (partly to nudge me to keep writing) and then throw in some bonus material for the weekend. Thoughts welcome. Monday: Scandinavia’s reign as the happiest place on Earth is

The Curiosity Index: Books edition (August 2019)

Of the curating of stuff about books there is no end. Quick links Millions of Books Are Secretly in the Public Domain. You Can Download Them Free. Yay! Listen up: why we can’t get enough of audiobooks – I listen to audiobooks all the time

Is the World’s Next Missions Movement in Ethiopia?

From Christianity Today. First a little context. In Ethiopia, evangelicalism is growing at a faster rate than even the booming general population, already the second-largest in Africa and projected to exceed 112 million people by 2020. According to the World Christian Database, in 1970 the

Is nuclear war more likely than you think?

I have to admit I feel a bit of a kook every time I write about this but I’m increasingly convinced that the situation is getting worse (or maybe I’m just getting old). Consider the following. We have several geo-political flashpoints that are concerning: North

Change the world. Plant a tree.

A long time ago in a childhood far, far away we were told about massive environmental challenges that our planet was facing. The poster child of the late 80s and early 90s was deforestation in the Amazon – along with saving whales and pandas. Sadly