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The Curiosity Index (20.06.2019)

The Most Epic Bible Study of All Time The disciples were baffled that this mysterious man hadn’t heard of all that had happened in Jerusalem. As readers, we’re baffled they can’t see whom they’re speaking with! In mercy, Jesus opened the Scriptures and began what

Is the Bible ambiguous on slavery?

It’s an argument that comes up fairly regularly when people are trying to make a point about how Christians have often ended up on, what they see as, the wrong side of justice issues. Look at slavery, look at women, look at sexuality. Wrong. Wrong.

The Curiosity Index (18.06.2019)

Get Out! Tim Keller on the Exodus Story I just thought this was brilliant. Individual Israelites had different qualities of faith, but they were all equally saved. They were equally delivered. Why? Because you are not saved because of the quality of your faith. You

The Curiosity Index (running edition)

I was pleased to set a new PB for 10k the other week (44:34) so here’s a running flavoured Curiosity INdex. The World’s 8 Toughest Races All of these races allow one to reach their furthest depths of suffering and discovery Meet Lazarus Lake, the

The Curiosity Index (14.06.2019)

The Internet Mob: nowhere to run, nowhere to hide This is a brilliant article from Jennie Pollock. We have arrived at this position by our own volition. We sought the freedom to live according to our own, permissive, moral code, and are discovering that violating

Links for writers & readers

Writing and reading, what would life be like without either of those? Not very good, is what I say. But perhaps I could have phrased that better and perhaps if I’d read some of the following I might have done. Then again… Links for Writers

The Curiosity Index (12.06.2019)

The Prosperity Heresy Yesterday I linked to this story from the BBC on poor Americans being exploited by TV hucksters. I’d like to follow that up with this proposal. 7 Surprising trends in global Christianity in 2019 Yesterday I wrote about The Ebb & Flow

The ebb and flow

Just recently, I was out for a walk in the forest with my family and we came across a giant anthill. From around 10 metres away it just looked like a hill of brown earth and pine needles, but as you approached you could see