Global reading: a failed test

Adam Roberts conducted an exercise to see how globally read he was in terms of fiction. I started this exercise curious to see, really, how large is the gap in my knowledge of world literature. It turns out: it’s pretty huge. The majority of nation-states listed below are followed by I have never read any fiction from that country. I am, of course, limiting myself to novels written by citizens of the countries concerned (which is to say, I am not counting fiction merely set in that country, or by people born elsewhere…

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The Curiosity Index (13.08.2018)

The Willow Creek Crisis – Time of Reckoning for All Leaders I really don’t know if it actually is a time of reckoning for all leaders – or all male leaders of large churches in America but this last point is good. Only Jesus Christ is the hope of the world (Col. 1:27, 1 Pet. 1:3-6, etc.). Always, only, ever. Jesus Christ. Get that wrong, and we are perpetually at risk of the chaos of presumption. We should be excited that the local church can proclaim the hope, embody the hope,…

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