Still all alone

I’m interested in the efforts and interest in finding other intelligent life in the universe which recently took a bit of a knock. On the one hand The “exoplanet” revolution of the last 20 years has shown us that the universe is awash in alien worlds. More exciting, we now have methods where the atmospheres of those worlds may provide indirect evidence — called “bio-signatures” — for the existence of life. Over the next few decades we may finally have data relevant to the question of other life in the universe.…

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The Curiosity Index (02.08.2018)

The Wise Do Not Always Weigh In “When one has too many answers,” Merton wrote, “and when one joins a chorus of others chanting the same slogans, there is, it seems to me, a danger that one is trying to evade the loneliness of a conscience that realizes itself to be in an inescapably evil situation. We are all under judgment. . . Our choice is not that of being pure and whole at the mere cost of formulating a just and honest opinion.” Again, before Twitter. By decades. A…

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