Why I don’t think North Korea will give up the nukes

So in yesterday’s least surprising development there came the ‘news’ that North Korea may be working on new missiles. This should not surprise anyone.. I simply don’t believe they will give up the nukes. I will be delighted if history proves me wrong but here are my reasons for the record. They’ve worked too hard for too long to give them up the moment they’ve finally got them working. Doesn’t make sense. The Kim dynasty believes their personal security and their nation’s survival is dependent on them. They saw what happened in…

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The Curiosity Index (01.08.2018)

Welcome to August everybody – five months of 2018 left to invest. 4 Big Challenges Facing the Church in the West Today Trevin Wax is on the money here. The biggest challenges we face today are not from tyrannical regimes or oppressive governments. They are more subtle—proclivities and inclinations smuggled into our churches alongside the cultural sensibilities we’ve inherited. Why It’s So Hard to Stop Reading Books You Don’t Even Like This is definitely me. Local Church Offers ‘Introvert Service’ Where Nobody Has To Talk To Anyone Else This would…

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