Swedish elections

On September the 9th Swedes will vote in the general election. During July most of them will be on holiday, which means parties are campaigning now and will go full speed in the month leading up to the election. Some wonder is Sweden about to have its Trump moment? They wonder this because of the sustained success of the right-wing Sweden Democratic Party. In 2002 they received around 1% of the vote but by 2014 at the last election it was 12.9% and they’re currently polling around 20%. Welfare, education,…

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The Curiosity Index (18.06.2018)

Simplicity for the Sake of the Gospel From Jen Oshman: When my husband and I sensed God calling us to plant a church in our new neighborhood, the man we consider our spiritual father had some wise words for us. “Do not get busy,” he said. “If you want to minister to your neighbors and your community, you need to be home. Don’t make a bunch of commitments. Just be there. They will come.” I didn’t believe him. A Crucial Archaeological Dating Tool Is Wrong Just a few decades of…

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