This is the Swedish way of saying ‘end of school’ for the academic year. Summer holidays start now. This morning I went to the skolavslutning at our children’s school. It was my son’s last one at this school before he moves on to a new school in August. Each year group sings a song, at least one of which has some connection to Astrid Lindgren and the others are in some way hymns to summer and sunny days and how beautiful Sweden is in the summer (which it is). i think they…

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The Curiosity Index (13.06.2018)

How breastfeeding changed my view of God Rebecca McLaughlin reflecting on Isaiah 49:15 gives an important insight into God, that no man could give. God’s love for us is no Hallmark sentiment. This image is not primarily a celebration of our newborn cuteness: “God could never reject such lovable little creatures as us!” Rather, this verse reveals God’s hard-won, self-giving, dogged commitment to our good, a refusal to let us go—however frustrating we become, an insistence on seeing his image in us—and a painful provision for our most desperate need.…

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