Ten thoughts on London

At the beginning of June I was privileged to spend a few days in London. Some quick observations Lots of sirens. Our conference venue was opposite Euston so very central so I guess that factors in, but the high frequency was noticeable to me as an outsider. Litter. London is quite a dirty place and could benefit from a revamp of its litter collections. Also I think a deposit scheme on bottles and cans would work wonders for litter and #3 Homeless. Lots of them and unlike in Stockholm hardly…

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The Curiosity Index (11.06.2018)

Ok, back in the saddle. Secularizing Kingdom I want to get to the discussion I had afterwards with one of our students. She told me she admired her sister who was now at work in a major social service organization because she was doing “kingdom” work. I’ve heard this so many times I think I can put it this way: For many, “kingdom work” means “social” justice while “church work” means “spiritual life.” A big fat hogwash all over this idea. Yes and amen. Church Planting is not the Single-Most…

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