Regulating demons

Perhaps it’s because I’m listening to CS Lewis’ The Screwtape Letters (deliciously read by Joss Ackland) but I’ve been thinking about demons. I’m wondering about the debates that will happen first in newspapers and then in parliaments around secular, progressive Europe as the issue of exorcism comes up, as it inevitably will. Last year The Economist noted the rise in exorcisms in France and just last month the Guardian reported on the rise of exorcisms in Europe. It’s going to cause everyone a headache. There will be secular clamouring for the end to such ‘medieval’ practices.…

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The Curiosity Index (26.04.2018)

Stop Making Hospitality Complicated Habits of hospitality, on the other hand, are downright subversive in our culture of independence and calculation. They demonstrate that it is not only possible but fruitful and beautiful to share life in a substantive way outside the confines of the nuclear family. And, in so doing, they point to the reality of the common good, not just as a theoretical concept but as a practical one that can animate an authentic Christian community. Also this Why Read Philemon? Ten Reasons Scott McKnight gives you ten…

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