Living with startling abundance

This blog started with a fairly simple premise and topic that I’ve long since wandered from. I saw (and still see) consumerism as a massive problem in our societies and churches because of the way it forms and shapes people. I was going to write, think about the problem and the rich resources that the Bible offers us in learning to live differently: against the tide. Lives marked by simplicity, generosity, hospitality. I still believe that. But because I find staying focused an incredibly hard thing to do I started writing…

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The Curiosity Index (20.04.2018)

Too many men I find these demographic insights and their implications for the future fascinating. But it’s also going to be tragic for millions. In India and China alone there are 70 million more men than women. 70 million, that’s like imagining a country the size of the UK with just men (Chinese and Indian men)! Finland’s two-year universal basic income experiment is coming to an end  It will be interesting to hear what lessons they’ve learned but 2 years is not a long time for this sort of experiment.…

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