The pay gap

Most people will be aware of the pay gap – the difference between the median pay of men and that of women. In the UK it seems like a significant gap. The ONS preferred headline figure is the difference in income between the median man (that is, the man who is exactly halfway between the highest earning man and the lowest earning) and the median woman. The reveals a gender pay gap of 9.1%. The big question is why is there a gap? Is it because of discrimination or some…

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The Curiosity Index (17.04.2018)

I’m in the UK for two days of theological discussion around suffering and the sacraments. Expecting my brain to freeze up about half way. Boy Who Came Back From Heaven author sues book’s Christian publisher Messy. For my take on heaven tourism books from a few years back: Not proof of heaven Packing away my 35,000 books was like writing my own obituary Talking of heaven. A barn with my own library and 35,000 books comes pretty close. Reading is a Spiritual Act Four new books on the art, joy,…

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