Rediscovering Hospitality

In Japan lonely senior citizens (especially women) are shoplifting in search of the community and stability of jail. From 1980 to 2015, the number of seniors living alone in Japan increased more than sixfold, to almost 6 million. That’s quite extreme but all across the developed world it has become clear that loneliness is a killer and it is an epidemic. Alongside the rise of loneliness has been the decline in religious commitment. What this has revealed is that religion creates a huge amount of social capital. Social capital here is really just…

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The Curiosity Index (13.04.2018)

The Women of T4G I don’t really know anything about T4G, I’m not following it or watching it or to be honest all that interested, but this by Melissa Edginton showed up in my RSS feed (which by the way is how you should get your content and avoid social media). She made this interesting aside: Most women’s conferences have nothing at all to do with theology, while today I sat and listened to Kevin DeYoung teach for an hour about the immutability of God. There is a huge gulf…

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