Rethinking the Exodus

Last year I read and saved an article by Scott Alexander called Djoser Joseph Osiris where he explores the theory that the Pharaoh Djoser was the inspiration both for the Egyptian god Osiris and the Biblical figure of Joseph. I confess that’s a theory I’d not come across before and as Alexander himself says, it’s probably not a theory you should spend all that much time on. The short summary is that the connection between Djoser and Osiris is probably meaningless, but there’s a very small chance there might be…

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The Curiosity Index (12.04.2018)

What does Luke reveal about himself in Luke-Acts? Quite a lot in fact as Colin green explains. Tradition, Scripture and Slavery This is worth remembering from Andrew LePeau: “The 1800s were not the first time slavery ended. They were the second.” Which countries get the most sleep? However tired you feel richer populations tend to be more well-rested China’s new rain-making system could increase rainfall by billions of cubic feet What could possibly go wrong if mankind learns how to control the weather and trash the climate? How forest bathing…

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