Knowing the difference between immoral, unethical & illegal

In, what I think, is a very important article, Becky Castle Miller illustrates the differences between immoral, unethical and illegal acts and how organisations and specifically churches should respond to each one. The case in point relates to sex but it could (with care) be applied to other areas too and especially the use and misuse of power. The view that all sins are equivalent is called sin-leveling. It’s a problematic perspective because it only considers God’s moral law, not the damage on another person nor the breaking of civil…

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The Curiosity Index (09.04.2018)

We Need Counter-Cultural Common Sense GK Chesterton was a genius, that’s all I’m saying. China Bans Bibles from Online Sellers Like Amazon The story develops a bit further. Should we believe in hell? Ian Paul takes up the question World’s languages traced back to single African mother tongue: scientists Well isn’t that interesting… Gorgeous 8K video of the aurora borealis dancing in the skies during a lunar eclipse Definitely worth 70 seconds of your time.

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