The rise of a non-Christian Europe

New research confirms what we have known for a long-time: Europe is a post-Christian continent and post-religious too. As the focus of the study is on 16-29 year olds Stephen Bullivant, a professor of theology and the sociology of religion at St Mary’s University in London and author of the report is probably correct when he says, “Christianity as a default, as a norm, is gone, and probably gone for good – or at least for the next 100 years.” The research supports what has been my theory (based on anecdotes…

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The Curiosity Index (21.03.2018)

Did Jesus Promise to Return within the Lifetime of his Disciples? “Is it really true that Jesus predicted that he would return in the lifetime of his disciples?”  Michael Kruger with the answer. Can religion solve El Salvador’s gang problem? Over the past year, the church has become a refuge for recently released prisoners who are trying to leave the Barrio 18 gang and pledge themselves to God. There’s Saúl, whose sister drove him straight to the church when he left prison five months ago after serving 15 years for…

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