In Peterson we trust?

We are, it seems, still living in the Jordan Peterson moment, as every man and his dog chimes in with reaction, praise or criticism to Peterson, his 12 rules and what it all means. One interesting note is how often people link the word ‘gospel’ with Peterson. On the one hand it’s an easy, lazy headline but it also strikes at the heart of what Peterson is doing. He is a herald, he is proclaiming a message. Everyone seems to be agreed on that; but as is our wont we…

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The Curiosity Index (09.03.2018)

You Don’t Have to Give Your Kid a Phone Someone, somewhere will probably call that parenting choice an infringement of human rights. At the same time adults everywhere are trying to figure out How To Power Down In A Wired World.  God answers prayer for Burundi A really lovely story from one of the poorest nations on earth. In Sweden, Noor went straight to school; in Britain, Ammar waited six months I recently read some prayer requests from 10 different nations in Europe and the majority of them mentioned migration. The Economist…

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