Notable Swedish pioneers: Gustavus Schroeder

Some years ago I came by the 2-volume Dictionary of Evangelical Biography (1730-1860) which I admit is a bit obscure. But I thought I’d trawl its pages for entries on Swedish Christians to learn more about its notable figures and history.  Gustavus Schroeder or Gustaf Schröder (1821-1914) was another significant figure in the history of the Swedish Baptists. Born in Gothenburg on the west coast of Sweden, Schroder became a seaman at the age of 16. He remained a sailor for the next 30 years, including around 20 years as captain of…

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The Curiosity Index (31.01.2018)

4 reasons to make your kids go to church And on that note also The Key to Saving Teenagers. Parents your kids need to see you love Jesus Active Listening: The Master Key to Effective Communication Such an important skill. This is worth the 11 minutes of you time that it will take to read. A loop eternal: welcome to the Big Dog Backyard Ultra Mental. Ruins of Sweden’s oldest church sheltered by a new A-frame building I think this is something Sweden does well, make something beautiful to preserve…

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