God’s Giant Miracle Carrots

I remember in 1999 a documentary making quite an impact in the church I attended. The film Transformations recorded instances where whole communities had been changed, it was claimed, by God. Not only had people become Christians but as a result the whole community had in some way been positively changed or transformed. The film pointed to the fact that churches had come together in prayer for their communities and God had answered. I seem to recall our leader making a fresh push with other church leaders to pray for our…

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The Curiosity Index (29.01.2018)

The Jordan Peterson effect So the train is really rolling now. Consider the following:  Jordan Peterson is turning young, Western men into Christians Again and What Pastors Could Learn From Jordan Peterson. Then here are two very different ways of thinking about his new book 12 Rules. The more positive way from Matt Hosier and the not so positive way from John Crace. 20 years: 20 books Toby Skipper reflects on twenty books that have shaped his life since being baptised twenty years ago. It’s an excellent list. The 25 most popular…

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