Last week something happened to me on the tunnelbana (the underground, subway, metro) here in Stockholm , that I predicted would happen almost two years ago. I gave some money to a homeless person. Now you might think that makes me an incredibly mean person that it’s taken two years for us to give to a beggar. But here’s the distinction. I gave them money but I did not give them cash. As me and my children were sitting on the train, a woman walked on and quite clearly and politely…

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The Curiosity Index (17.01.2018)

The six hottest volcanoes to watch in 2018 I think by hottest they mean the most active… Inequality, Privilege, and the Upper Middle Class It’s more complicated than you think. And the same goes for the question Should women and men be paid equally? When Our Heroes Don’t Live Up to Their Theology I never knew George Whitefield was a slave owner. We ‘ll need increasingly to think through how we speak about the ‘heroes’ of the past and do a better job of presenting them flaws and all. Jessica Hahn…

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