War and peace

War, at least the sort of war that is declared between nations, that involves armies and mass mobilisation hasn’t happened for some time and in the absence of such threats it would be easy to think that somehow we have got past war. That would be a foolish thing to think. If anything the world is getting more, not less, dangerous. Here’s five reasons why I think that. The end of Pax Americana For some time now war has been kept in check by the threat of retaliation from America.…

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The Curiosity Index (10.01.2018)

Reading the world: my news project for 2018 I love this idea of learning about the world by getting your news from different places. Man Declared Dead by 3 Doctors Wakes Up in Morgue Just Hours Before Autopsy Lucky man. The 2018 Procession of the Black Nazarene This set of photos is remarkable but also disturbing. There’s something about this type of religious mania that I don’t understand and I’m fairly sure is not healthy. Three Reasons to Read to Our Kids And they are three good reasons. Although if it’s…

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