Secular Sweden & its liberal church

Everyone knows Sweden is a pretty secular place – its government & elites hold a secular progressive outlook and its previous socialist incarnations did much to drive the church to the margins (which is perhaps a logical outcome of the Reformation). As a result the Swedes are a mostly godless bunch although there are pockets of religion and faith, from Latin American Pentecostals, Ethiopian or Syrian Orthodox to Somali Muslims for example. The religious landscape in Sweden is also shaped by its former state church which is mostly a mirror to the secular society…

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The Curiosity Index: Books edition

I’m an unrepentant and incurable bibliophile so here are a bunch of articles on how fantastic books are. Books to read 50 Books That Will Make You a Modern-Day Polymath – I’ve read 2 from this list   What I Learned From the Seven Most Important Books I’ve Ever Read – I’ve read 2 from this (much shorter) list. The importance of reading Reading Books Will Help You Build These 7 Habits – I’m not sure but I may have 2 of these habits…. How Reading Makes Us More Human – Karen Swallow Prior says reading…

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