A diverse church

Recently Justin Taylor has shared some helpful posts on diversity in the church. One of the greatest things I’ve discovered since moving to Sweden is the joy of being in a diverse church and sharing with people the plan of God to have a redeemed people from every tribe and nation. You should read all three posts but here are the highlights: First four ways that diversity more than uniformity magnifies God There is a beauty and power of praise that comes from unity in diversity that is greater than that which…

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The Curiosity Index (04.10.2017)

My life as an atheist was wonderful! I like this testimony, and this part gets it right about not trying to paint unbeliever’s lives as somehow secretly miserable. God has had his hand on me since the first day. He knew I was coming to him and he was waiting for the time that he’d set. He just took care of me along the way. I was happy as an atheist, but I don’t ever remember using the word ‘joy’. Now I use it all the time, and I thank God…

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