The impact of a worldview

Training Leaders International – have a helpful comparison between a group oriented society and an individual oriented society. Sweden as a whole is a very individual oriented society, yet as a church and for many people we know they have been raised within a group-oriented society. It makes for an interesting dynamic. See what you think. Group-Oriented Societies Individual-Oriented Societies People are born into extended families in which they live their entire lives Everyone grows up to look after himself/herself and organize nuclear families Identity is based on birth and the…

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The Curiosity Index (21.09.2017)

There Can Be Only One Priority I struggle with many ‘priorities’ which as Keith Webb points out: “The reality is, multiple priorities means no priority at all.” John Calvin: the religious reformer who influenced capitalism Love capitalism? Perhaps you believe, like Donald Trump and his coterie, that capitalism is a locus of creativity, genius, and creating wealth. Or perhaps you believe, like many Bernie Sanders supporters, that unbridled capitalism exploits the poor and the powerless. Wherever you stand, John Calvin can be quoted on both sides. But it’s worth considering why…

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