Nordic countries are the worst for finding friends

A revealing study into the challenges of Nordic society and the opportunity for a church such as ours: The Nordic countries are popular destinations for expats. They continue to attract foreigners with outstanding education, childcare, and healthcare. Moreover, the highly satisfying work-life balance supports family life and allows foreign residents to enjoy a more laid-back lifestyle. That’s the part everyone knows. Family friendly with great physical and social infrastructure paid for by high(ish) taxes. Here’s the downside. Norway, Denmark, and Sweden take up the bottom 3 places for finding friends. More than six in…

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The Curiosity Index (20.09.2017)

Bible Contradictions Explained: 4 Reasons the Gospels “Disagree” It can be an easy target to say that the Gospels are ‘full of contradictions’ and this article gives you four reasons to take the sting out of that attack. An Experiment Gives Cash Aid To The Poor. Is That Ethical? It’s an experiment to watch, GiveDirectly are pushing a form of aid called cash aid. “But with cash aid, instead of making the decision of what form the intervention should take on behalf of poor people, you are at least allowing…

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