Christians should not be confused about nuclear weapons

Roughly every ten years a new nation joins the nuclear club and that trend is continuing in this decade with North Korea. I’ve made my prediction that the world will accept this reality and that this will eventually lead to more nations (specifically Japan and South Korea and I wouldn’t rule out Iran depending on what the current US administration says and does) beginning their journey to join the club. However, there is an argument (and it’s scarily quite logical) that Kim Jong Un wouldn’t be irrational to use a nuclear…

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The Curiosity Index (19.09.2017)

Nabeel Qureshi (1983-2017) Author and Christian apologist Nabeel Qureshi has gone to be with His Saviour. Justin Taylor has a fine obituary. I have highly recommended his book. The Miracle of Dunkirk this would have been better had I posted when the film was just released but the story remains remarkable and worth reading. Two museums are having a fight on Twitter and it’s gloriously informative Twitter at its funny & informative best. 26 Useful Websites That Will Completely Change Your Life for the Better A completely overblown and utterly untrue headline…

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