Parenting by Paul David Tripp Reviews 

Book Review: Parenting

At least once a year I try to read a book about parenting. If I read too many books on parenting, I get confused and overwhelmed by all the different suggestions. I simply can’t introduce too many ideas or strategies into my parenting all at once. One book a year, take some good ideas and work hard at making them a part of your daily approach to raising your kids. Parenting by Paul David Tripp isn’t that kind of parenting book. In fact as much as it dealt with children it…

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The Curiosity Index (11.09.2017)

Was Jesus internationally famous in his own lifetime? Colin Green once again gets to the truth of things. So why do so some people nowadays expect to find evidence of Jesus surviving from his own lifetime painting him as a much admired miracle-working figure, and complain when they cannot find it? It can only be that some people are looking for a very different Jesus from the one that the Bible tells us about. Looking for a different version, which is not in the Bible, and then complaining that it…

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