The Curiosity Index (08.09.2017)

Grace Is Profoundly Existential, Beginning With the Church [Grace] does not simply explain how the Creator and his fallen creatures are brought back into communion with each other… Grace should hold us in its grip in such a way that our whole being is affected. Grace goes deeper than you think. Why exorcisms are on the rise in France Interesting that it was noticed and then written about. Finland Has a Sports Screw Loose If you and your spouse want to compete in the Wife Carrying World Championships, you must…

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Discussing abortion in the public square

Recently in the UK, Conservative politician and Catholic Jacob Rees-Mogg (and yes he is as posh as his name suggests) was interviewed on UK breakfast television and he was questioned about his views on same-sex marriage and abortion. You can watch the interview here. Which got the predictable reaction In addition to the blatant misogyny, this is an accepted form of religious extremism because it comes from a rich, white, Christian male. — ChristianChristensen (@ChrChristensen) September 7, 2017 British papers called him a bigot and his parliamentary colleagues lined up…

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