The Curiosity Index (06.09.2017)

A Zulu apostle I’m grateful to Lex Loizides for sharing the powerful story of Mbambo Matunjwa. Their act of forgiveness is really remarkable. Read it. Our God speaks God is a speaking God and he wants us to listen for his voice, to treat it seriously and, once we are sure it is him, to respond in love and obedience. The object will always be to enable us to love him more dearly and follow him more nearly. To be where he wants us to be and to be doing what…

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Male and female He googled them

At the beginning of August one of the world’s most famous and powerful companies was caught up in an almighty row over the Almighty’s design blueprint. Google found itself fighting about what it means to be male and female (and how it goes about hiring men and women). James Damore (a then employee) wrote a memo which got him fired. Having read the memo its tone is one of debate and discussion even if you don’t agree with its arguments. But there are some things you just can’t say and saying that men…

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