A bibliophilia special

I’m an unashamed bibliophile and I used to run a regular links post called bibliophilia. So as I clear out my links, here’s a special – all you could possibly want related to books Reading Can you really read a book a week? The Rise of Digital Technologies and the Decline of Reading The death of reading is threatening the soul Writing What writers most need to know Editing and Writing Aren’t the Same Skill Making a Living Writing Ebooks Libraries A Look Inside Europe’s Most Enchanting Libraries How to design a…

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The Curiosity Index (30.08.2017)

I’ve been travelling a bit and have collected a whole bunch of random but interesting links so I thought I’d share. Katrina vs Harvey The New York Times offers the comparison between these two devastating storms. Both of which pale by comparison to the 16 million people affected by floods in South Asia Ethical shopping list Luke has created an ethical shopping list and if you have suggestions let him know 16 ways QR codes are being used in China I hardly ever use QR codes but some of these uses…

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