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Recreating the Hanseatic League for spiritual purposes

I know cessationists are often curious as to how the prophetic actually works or what use it is. I think the following is a good example of the Holy Spirit speaks into something to give both energy and direction. In this case the planting of churches in Northern Europe. Hanseatic League Prophesy (v1) from Relational Mission on Vimeo. Here’s the Wikipedia entry for the Hanseatic League

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The Curiosity Index (23.03.2017)

America’s most-hated woman I remember, back in the early days of having an email account, getting spam emails wanting me to sign a petition against this woman. Turns out they were rubbish. So before the Nigerians, Asians and Eastern-Europeans trying to scam me, I had American evangelicals. It just reinforced my view, at the time, that evangelical Christianity in America was neither evangelical or Christian but was very definitely American – fearful & credulous. Anyway this Guardian profile on atheist campaigner Madalyn Murray O’Hair, made timely again thanks to a new…

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