Relational Mission: A compass but no map

This is the final (in a long-delayed) series of posts on Mike Betts’ book Relational Mission: A way of life. The final chapter is called We have a compass but no map. You can find links to the other articles here. A real family Raising sons & daughters Everyone a witness The prayers of many A church for a broken world Starting new families This last chapter is a less a conviction about church or the work of the Kingdom than it is about the mystery & challenge of getting there. I’ll let Mike…

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The Curiosity Index (21.03.2017)

What Is Grace? Last Sunday we looked at what it means to be a people changed by grace. Justin Holcomb offers a good article on what grace is. What Did the Tearing of the Temple Curtain Mean? More than you realise. The rise of Arab atheism This is interesting and it will be interesting to see how Islam compares to Christianity in dealing with those who steadfastly refuse to believe. My guess is that most atheists should consider themselves grateful that they can not-believe in an historically Christian society. Crimea:…

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