What we mean by a Gospel-centred church

At Grace Church we’ve begun a series looking at our convictions & aspirations when it comes to church & discipleship. It is about saying what we believe to be true and at the same time what we wish to be true for us (but may not always be the case). The first is that we hope to be a church with the Gospel in the centre. This gives you an idea of what we mean by that. I’d love your feedback.

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The Curiosity Index (17.03.2017)

I’m just beginning to get the energy for my week, unfortunately it’s Friday already. I’ve peaked in so many ways. Here Are the Ages You Peak at Everything Throughout Life This made for depressing reading on a Friday morning as I realised my chances of winning a Nobel prize are diminishing. What Christianity in China Is Really Like It’s what you think. Except not. Basically you can’t generalise in a country of over a billion people and you cannot generalise 100 million of them. Has Preaching Had its Day? Ian…

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