3 mistakes to avoid before going full-time

You’re a church leader working two jobs, you have a family and your church is growing, there are pastoral challenges and the Sunday sermon is regularly being written late on Saturday night. You’re living with that constant sense of guilt that something important is not getting the best from you – your job, your church or worse your family and you’re tired. Really, really tired. The solution seems obvious: it’s time to give up one of those two jobs. It’s time to go full-time. I’ve been there, I’ve done that…

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The Curiosity Index (07.03.2017)

Europe Considers Its Own Nuclear Deterrent The fact that this question is even being raised and discussed is a sign that there are a lot of nervous people in the corridors of power. It’s a false sense of security if you believe nuclear weapons will never be used just because they haven’t been used for 70 years. Would Jesus be a gentrifier? This is a really interesting look at how churches have engaged in their communities. It’s interesting how their efforts are seen and portrayed. Indeed, it’s not surprising that…

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