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Learning from 2 Thessalonians 1

We’ve begun to study 2 Thessalonians in church before we move on to a series that deepens our commitment to our core convictions on church & discipleship. So what can we learn from this first chapter? Faith is supposed to grow (v.3) So is love for your brothers & sisters in Christ (v.3) Perseverance & faith keeps you going through persecution & trial (v.4) God rewards those who endure for His sake (v.5) We don’t need to concern ourselves with revenge but can trust God to do justice (v.6) When…

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The Curiosity Index (22.02.2017)

Next week I’m travelling in the UK and although I hope there will be some scheduled posts there won’t be any Curiosity Index for a week. I know, I know…. Blessed are the peacemakers In a world that seems ever more divided people doing things like this are symbols of hope. For the last 2.5 years we opened our doors on a Monday evening for friends, neighbours and strangers to come eat with us. No grand, mechanistic plan, we just wanted to know people. Sweden, Sweden, Sweden So Trump calls out…

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