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Tim Keller on the early church & mission today

On Monday I posted about the not quite so astonishing growth of the early church and today I read a post by Tim Keller on the same subject. Keller writes, Christianity did not adapt to culture in order to gain more adherents, but neither did it remain a small, withdrawn band. Christianity confronted and critiqued the culture, believers suffered for it, and yet the faith also convinced many people, attracting growing numbers of converts daily. It is obvious that in western societies Christians are again seen as too exclusive and narrow,…

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The Curiosity Index (14.02.2017)

Happy totally-commercialised-day-to-celebrate-romantic-relationships, because you know we need a day for that. Abseiling thieves Thieves abseiled (!) into a London warehouse, avoided motion detector alarms and made off with over 160 items worth around £2 million. Those items? Rare books. All Editors are Not the Same, so Which do You Need? Sticking with books, most people including many would-be authors are a little hazy about what editors do. This explains it. And for the record I do numbers 1-3 and I find a grammar freak for 4. Why the Planet Earth…

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