The not quite so astonishing growth of the early church

I’ve recently finished reading Alan Hirsch’s The Forgotten Ways which is a fascinating book and like many books he wrestles with the question of the decline of the church in the West and what can be done to reverse it. Like many (myself included) he advocates that we look to the early church for inspiration or the Chinese church for a more contemporary example. Hirsch recounts listening to Rodney Stark ask three important questions: How many Christians do you think there were in the year 100 AD? Stark’s answer as few as…

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The Curiosity Index (13.02.2017)

Severe drought brings starving Kenyans to church doorsteps It’s been declared a national emergency and is affecting millions of some of the poorest people on the planet. Whatever the troubles of the West, dying of starvation is far worse. So give generously. My friend Edward Buria is very active in relief work through his network of churches in Kenya. Worth a follow. Apocalypse, now? The 10 biggest threats facing civilisation One for the doom mongers. Mass starvation is number 7. Donald Trump number 10. Everything is political You might have heard…

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