Don’t neglect communion

The second most popular post on my blog over the past ten years (and by quite some margin) is this one – Scriptures for Communion. When you add in the third most popular Invitations to the table not to mention Bread & Wine as a covenant meal, A communion prayer, Communion: personal reflections, then by a long country mile the most popular topic on this blog is The Lords’ Supper. Every Saturday (without fail) my blog experiences a spike in readers. The explanation is very simple, people who on Saturday are preparing for church on…

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The Curiosity Index (10.02.2017)

I think I have some gems for you today What is mission all about? Tim Naish explains, “The thread that runs through and unites is one of transformation. This is God’s desire. The transformation is both personal and more than personal. ” Are You on Track if You Lead a Church of Less Than 100? Ed Stetzer with the helpful reminder that church planting can often be a long hard slog. Which segues nicely into the nice piece… Think your commute is bad? Think again. When an 800m climb up…

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