What is truth?

Pilate asked that rhetorical question to Jesus around 2000 years ago (Jn 18:38) and then after telling Jesus’ accusers that their claims were baseless, he executed Jesus anyway. And so the Truth died. Today, it seems, we’re still asking the same question as Pilate and still, like Pilate not acting in accordance with the facts. We live in a world of fake news, alternative facts and post-truth. Timothy Pauls says Christians should largely be unimpressed by this revelation. It’s hardly breaking news that our culture has rejected the idea of objective…

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The Curiosity Index (09.02.2017)

I’m still on the lookout for interesting blogs & sites on anything from theology, technology, architecture, politics, culture….leave a comment or send me a tweet. New Dead Sea Scroll Cave with no Scrolls So they found a 12th scroll cave at Qumran, only they discovered it after and not before thieves who took all the scrolls. “Just to give you an idea of how valuable these scrolls are, a fragment of an original scroll the size of a fingernail can cost up to U$1,000,000…” Biblical Hospitality: The Simplest Way to…

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