Christian Living 

Learning from 1 Thessalonians 4

We’re working through 1 Thessalonians (1,2,3) and chapter 4 gives you a lot to think about. Here are just a few. A good life There is a way of living that pleases God (v.1) and wins the respect of outsiders (v.12) It’s not a check box way of living but something Paul urges the Christians to do ‘more & more’ (v.1-2) This way of life involves avoiding sexual immorality (v.3), impurity (v.7), and being driven by passionate lust (v.5) but controlling our desires (v.4). Rejecting this is rejecting God (v.8)…

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The Curiosity Index (07.02.2017)

I’m an American Football fan and love watching the Superbowl. The time difference and a kid that wakes up at 5.30am means watching it live is rarely a good option. So every year I watch the game on the Monday evening with some friends and I avoid all possible means of finding out the score. Which leads me to my first link: Stop the presses. The perils of an early newspaper edition The Boston Globe printed their early edition when their team the New England Patriots were losing 28-3. Not a…

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