The Curiosity Index (01.02.2017)

I’ve got my posts a little back to front today but I’m sure we’ll all survive. The American Syrians who back the travel ban This Washington Post article highlights the error in oversimplifying a complex issue by talking to the Syrians living in America who think Trump’s travel ban is right. Seeking more joy in your giving I am convinced the only effective antidote for Christians living in a consumer culture is the cultivation of generosity. Here Randy Alcorn offers some wisdom on how to find more joy in your giving. God…

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Relational Mission: Starting new families

Last year I started (but never finished) a look through each chapter of Mike Bett’s book Relational Mission: A way of life. As a reminder here are the links to the previous 5 A real family Raising sons & daughters Everyone a witness The prayers of many A church for a broken world This sixth chapter is all about church planting. Relational Mission has its origins in Newfrontiers which grew substantially through church planting in many nations. Mike is clear that starting new churches is in our history, it’s in our DNA, it’s…

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