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The Curiosity Index (24.01.2017)

Doing some serious procrastinating this morning – a load to read and I’m messing about here. But I don’t suppose you know that feeling….oh hang on…. We are missionaries A welcome reminder from Jeff Vanderstelt. Here’s the key: “The people in your church don’t need

Notable Swedish Christians: Peter Fjellstedt

Some years ago I came by the 2-volume Dictionary of Evangelical Biography (1730-1860) which I admit is a bit obscure. But I thought I’d trawl its pages for entries on Swedish Christians to learn more about its notable figures and history. We’ll take the series alphabetically.  Peter

The Curiosity Index (23.01.2017)

So we’re still going right, still hungry for an eclectic set of links and interesting things? Jolly good, me too. JOY IN CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY Tim Chester makes a case for the regular place of confession in the Christian community. Here’s the key, “Sometimes our hearts condemn us.

How is a church on mission organised?

I’ve long been helped, inspired and encouraged by the teaching of Jeff Vanderstelt. I must have saved about 30 articles that I went through yesterday as I thought through being a church on mission. Although I’ve already collected a guide to missional communities (purpose, reasons, rhythms

The Curiosity Index (20.01.2017)

I’ve had to dig into the archives for a few links today but just because they’re not new doesn’t mean they’re not good. I’ve been interested in the changing nature of transportation – self-driving cars & trucks, the changing nature of flying and the possible

Questions: 1 Thessalonians 1

Last Sunday as a church we read 1 Thessalonians chapter 1 together. Here are a few things worth thinking about: Could Paul write about our ‘work produced by faith’ our ‘labour prompted by love’ and our ‘endurance inspired by hope’? (v.3) Do you know that if

The Curiosity Index (19.01.2017)

This is pure speculation but Colin Green asks (& answers) a very interesting question. Did Paul see written Christian materials before his conversion? It must surely say something (& nothing particularly good) about our society, that this question can be asked and that the obvious answer isn’t

How big was Thessalonica?

I don’t suppose this question has ever particularly troubled you (leave a comment if it has) but it has bothered me. We’ve recently begun studying the book of 1 Thessalonians and so I’ve been boning up. The majority of my reference books and commentaries (not